Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pollworkers needed in Fond du Lac County

The Democratic Party of Fond du Lac County is in the process of compiling our list of pollworkers for the 2011-2013 Elections. Are you interested in serving? We need you to serve in this all important role. Help us make sure we don't end up like Waukesha, we need to make sure our elections in Fond du Lac County are fair and efficient. Sign up here if you are interested.

To serve you must attend a training sponsored by your local clerk and be able to work all Election Days. These positions are paid by the respective Local Governments. Appointments are made by the two major political parties. We also encourage all Democratic Party appointees to become a member of the Democratic Party.

Our appointments are due by November 30th so sign up now. Click here to sign up now

If have questions please contact Rich Mantz 920-904-2617 or